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Effective Time Management As a Student

Effective Time Management As a Student

Ensuring an effective time management as a student is essential to excelling in college as an undergraduate student. 

First of all, let us define effective time management

Effective Time Management As a Student: What is effective time management?

Effective Time Management is simply the ability to handle/juggle your time in such a way that you have a very balanced life first as a human being then as a student and also be able to effectively excel in your academic endeavours.

Effective Time Management As a Student: The good thing about effective time management is that it is not only essential as a student but in every aspect of our lives. People who are successful in every aspect of their lives are people who have learnt how to effectively manage their time in order to balance all the activities they have so as to enable them achieve all their necessary goals.

It then means that when you learn how to manage your time effectively as a student it will go a long way in helping you for the rest of your life.

Effective Time Management As a Student: A student who can effectively manage his or her time is a student who is sure to excel in academics, social life and otherwise. As a student a balance life is necessary in the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Social
  • Mental
  • Personal development and so on.

Ways to Manage Your Time As a Student

Effective Time Management As a Student: Here in this article we are going to be looking at ways in which a college student can manage his or her time effectively to enable maximum results:

  1. Prioritizing
  2. Work on assignments early
  3. Avoid procrastination
  4. Get enough hours of sleep
  5. Make a time table and stick to it
  6. Get enough hours of sleep
  7. Make a time table and stick to it


Effective Time Management As a Student: It is very obvious that as students, we cannot do everything and anything at the same time and this is where setting priorities becomes important. You can not get much work is past if you do not set your activities in order. 

Effective Time Management As a Student: Let us look at an example: Dayo is offering three courses: anatomy, physiology and histology. Dayo is very good in anatomy but he has problems in physiology and histology.

These last two courses do not really go down well with him and there is an examination set to hold in a month’s time. Now wisdom demands that he concentrates his efforts on doing all he can to learn more about these two courses.

He can go to the library to source information and knowledge about them, he can meet his classmates to help him out. He should begin intensive reading in order to familiarise himself with these two courses.

The first two weeks should be solely dedication to these courses. Then during the third week, he can take a look at his anatomy even as he continues to read extensively on those two courses.

The final week should see him revising all three courses. Prioritising should also be the same in our social life. Having a social life is important because it takes the stress off the intense academic activities. Our personal, spiritual, mental lives etc. should also be planned accordingly.

Work on assignments early

Effective Time Management As a Student: This is one thing that students normally find difficult to stick to because they have been “busy”. Most students normally begin to write their assignments early in the morning of the day for submission which could be very bad and risky because for one thing you may not be able to finish the assignment on time.

Another thing is that you have very short time to research on the assignment topic and this could affect the marks allocation to that particular assignment negatively. If it is possible, it is advisable to work on assignments almost immediately to avoid forgetfulness and order little complications that could go a long way in reducing our grades. 

Avoid procrastination

Effective Time Management As a Student: We have heard the quote severally that “procrastination is the thief of time”. Do not put off till tomorrow what can be done today. The effect of procrastination can be very devastating to the student life because when one procrastinate, there is always sure to be another that will override the time required to have done the former one.

At the end of the day, we end up having too much workload and juggling too much responsibilities. Start early to begin to read for an exam; do not wait till a week or few days before the exam to begin to prepare. This will make sure that you have enough time for revision and this can go a long way to post your grade.

Get enough hours of sleep

Effective Time Management As a Student: Most students always complain of lack of sleep or lack of inadequate sleeping patterns. The benefits of a very good sleep or rest are so numerous and beneficial that he cannot be ignored in the life of a student. We are to take an estimated amount of six to eight hours of sleep every day. Sleeping can increase productivity and improve memory. Not having enough sleep at night can cause one to even sleep during lecturers thereby forfeiting his/her actual purpose of being there. Lack of adequate sleep also reduces productivity. 

Make a time table and stick to it

Effective Time Management As a Student: Every well-meaning student should make a timetable from the beginning of a new session and also ensure to follow the timetable to the letter. This is because when you start early and plan early your chances of winning is much higher than one that has no plan. It is said that when you fail to plan you plan to fail and this can’t be true in the life of a student whose purpose is to excel.

Starting early to plan is going to go a long way to giving you a better chance for success. Making a timetable can be a very good strategy for managing time effectively as a student because when you have it all planned out you make out time for other things.

So in conclusion, prioritize, work on assignments early, avoid procrastination, get enough hours of sleep and make a timetable and stick to it! Effect these changes where necessary and see yourself not only excelling but having enough time in your hands to do other things that are useful to you!   

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