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he is the one

How do you know he is the one

He is the one! Have you ever felt butterflies for anyone or has any random stranger ever walked into the room and sweeps you off your feet? or are you scared to talk to that person who constantly makes you blush and at the same time makes you panic? At this time you start to question if they are the one for you or not. At this stage, it’s not easy to tell if they are the ones you would like to say your vows to and hop into that fancy car to start your new life.

However, without a doubt, when you and this new person start with the first stage which is the talking stage, there are some signs you will need to keep your eyes on. A lot of people tend to overlook these signs and make up excuses in their heads to justify their partner’s misbehavior. most of these relationships end up failing at the end of the day with the recipient being mentally or physically damaged. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you right. Be informed that not every guy you catch feelings for is the right man for you.

Here are five signs you see the search for when you are getting to know that guy. if he checks these boxes, then he’s worth keeping and your dreams of marrying your prince charming may become into reality.

he is the one
He is the one

1. He is the one! He’s always ready to say sorry.

There will be times when you and your man will get into fights and arguments. Whether he’s right or not, your man isn’t afraid to apologize to you and settle the case. A man who loves you genuinely will always seek peace and deal with the situation rather than ghost you or act immature about it. Willingness to work things out is a great sign that you are worth more than his ego. He is the one!

2. He is your friend.

Most relationships that are successful today start with something that most young lovers choose to ignore. Going on fancy dates is not enough. Having s3x isn’t the only thing that strengthens the bond of two people in love. A good way of solidifying your relationship is by friendship. “Friendship fuels the flame of love because it offers the best protection against feeling adversarial toward your spouse despite inevitable disagreements,” Monica says. so if he prioritizes friendship with you as much as he prioritizes s3x, then he’s worth keeping. He is the one!

3. He supports your dreams

How would you feel if your man is your number one fan when it comes to achieving your dreams? Amazing right? You feel you can achieve anything especially when he is right there to give you insights and support you when you need him the most. this is one of the qualities you should look for in a man. if he doesn’t appreciate you or the dreams you are chasing or even shows up to support you and gives excuses like “I am busy, I was busy” then that’s a red flag. He is the one!

4. You appreciate who he is more than his looks or what he has.

Being compatible with your partner is one of the things you should think of when considering life long relationship. Going for looks won’t make the relationship last. It’s not bad if you want a handsome or a rich guy for yourself but you should understand that those things are temporary. what you should focus more on is who you are going to marry. For instance, your moral values and spirituality should be the same in other to avoid conflicts of interest. He is the one!

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