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Building Your Online Presence

Building Your Online Presence | Details and how to

Building your online presence by choosing your online presence via the following platforms:

  • Website
  • Local listing (e.g google my business, Bing places, booking.com, etc
  • Review site
  • Social Media
  • Mobile apps

How website works (Building your online presence via website creation)

A server is a computer connected to the internet with software that allows it to store or host pieces of your website e.g code, images, database, etc. It is called a server because it serves the right content from your server.

In addition, every server has an address. That is the IP address (internet protocol). Then web address/domain name, for instance, www.businessname.com

Generally, when a domain name is inputted into a web browser, the browser then searches for the server that hosts the domain and requests the elements needed to display that particular page, and the server provides it. The domain helps people to find your website.

Key website ingredients

  1. Generally, all this is very necessary for building your online presence via a website.
  2. Domain: Generally, a good name is one people can remember easily and check for availability.
  3. Pages: A professional website must have the following pages: Home page, About page, Contact page, and Privacy or Term of use page.
  4. Contents (Pictures/Text/Code): Pictures or text can be linked to another page on the internet, this is called hyperlink/shortcut. The content must be effective and relevant.
  5. Navigation: Generally, a website must have simple and clear navigation to enable the website easy to use.

Building a functional website for your business

For a fully professional website, you can purchase an affordable domain and hosting plan from bluehost via this referral link www.bluehost.com/track/sampidia or dreamhost via https://mbsy.co/3pHlrM to get 60% discount and 20% website design discount. and employing the assistance of professionals for the website design, you can contact the following fiverr sellers: Janet   or this Nigerian web developer.

After you have succeeded in designing and publishing your website, that is you have taken a big step in building your online presence.

The website do’s and don’t s

  • Quick loading pages: using images of lower resolution can increase speed.
  • Mobile-friendliness or user friendly
  • General accessibility
  • Using efficient script 

Website and your business

  • Goals and what your visitor want to do must be clearly stated on your website
  • In addition, use your website to further your business.
  • In conclusion, think like your customer and telling your story online.

Local listing

Generally, a business can be listed on platforms such as Google my business, Bing places, booking.com, etc. In addition, businesses like accommodation, rentals, services, appointments, etc can be listed on the various platforms listed.

In conclusion, local listing platforms like google my business and booking.com have a review system.

Listing your business on booking.com

  • Firstly, register an account via www.booking.com
  • Fill in your information, upload necessary images and submit. 
  • After that, click on add listings
  • Provide the information required.
  • Then, you can publish your listing. After few hours the listing will be live and available on the internet.

Therefore, you have succeeded in building your online presence.

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