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Veekee James Wedding

Veekee James Wedding | Cost, Entrances and Reactions

Veekee James Wedding Cost

Veekee James, a popular Nigerian fashion designer, married her partner Femi Atere, and the stunning venue decorating and cake went viral online. The public figure’s wedding sparked much discussion among Nigerians due to the large sums of money spent on it, as seen by some of the lavish displays.

The reception venue was decorated with a variety of vintage pieces, such as beautiful chandeliers, white flowers and crystals hanging from the ceiling, gold plates and cutlery on the tables, crystal centerpieces on each table, sweetheart chairs made of beautiful brocade-like materials, and more. A lovely white grand piano was also observed in a corner, with a soft upholstered chair. The musical instrument was likewise adorned with white flowers. This Wedding may likely cost over 200 million Naira.

Veekee James Wedding
Source: Instagram @naomiscakesnmore

All-black Entrance

Controversial event attendee Pretty Mike makes a dramatic appearance at Veekee James Wedding with an all-black entourage at the wedding of fashion designer Veekee James, explaining why he chose a dark theme. Pretty Mike appeared at Veekee James’ white wedding, surrounded by men and women clothed and painted in black.

Mike emphasized the significance of his appearance, underlining the current hard circumstances. He highlighted his willingness to face challenges and the desire to live life to the fullest. In a comment that resonated with many, Mike stated, “The world is going through dark times, but that won’t stop me from living my life and celebrating with those who matter to me.”

Veekee James Wedding
Source: Instagram @prettymikeoflagos

Veekee James Wedding

The recent white wedding of Nigerian designer Veekee James and her spouse Femi has sparked widespread interest on social media platforms.

One video generated outrage because it showed prominent socialite Pretty Mike making a big entry into the club, flanked by a troop of all-black human mannequins waving red umbrellas. Some highlighted scriptural parallels to being unequally yoked with unbelievers, while others expressed dissatisfaction with her worship participation and the appearance of Pretty Mike at the Veekee James Wedding.

Comments varied from surprise to dissatisfaction, with several people questioning the propriety of such attendees at a Christian-themed wedding. Others turned their attention to Pretty Mike’s strange entourage, questioning the nature of his relationship with the mannequins. The officiating priest, Pastor Bolaji Idowu of Harvesters Church, had suggested that the groom kiss the bride, unknowing that it would cause a stir.

The couple’s excited friends were heard pleading with a cosmetic artist to provide lip gloss for the groom’s lips, while Veekee James reddened. The best man also began wiping perspiration off the groom’s face and massaging his back in preparation for the ceremonial kiss.

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