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Student lifestyle | Academics

Student lifestyle | Academics

Student lifestyle definition brake down as follows; According to Longman dictionary, a student is a person who studies a particular academic subject. While according to Longman’s dictionary, lifestyle is a style of living that reflects the attitudes and values o a person or group. 

Generally, student lifestyle can be defined as behavior or characteristics which a student exhibit. Students have numerous lifestyles. For instance, in a class will see some students learning (Group 1), some will do things to distract others (Group 2). While some will cluster around the school premises (Group 3). 

The brilliant, The Average and Dullard | Student Lifestyle

In addition, an academic class always has the brilliant, the average, and the dullard. The dullard is mostly those with a nonchalant attitude they care less about what is taught in school. This set of students always find a way to distract others or bully others and they make jest of their teachers and their fellow students. Above all they are mostly never ready to learn, they prefer cheating in test and examination because reading never interest them. The dullard is generally prone to fail academically. However, some sets of Group 1 belong to the dullard set due to unforeseen circumstances. Such as; low IQ, poor financial support, emotional reasons due to family issues/parents’ marriage conditions, poor parenting, health/genetic make-up, and spiritual factors.

Generally, the brilliant ones are the discipline type, this set of student create time to study hard and always ask a question in class. They are also mostly the quiet type and barely disturb or do things to distract others. These students always pay attention to their studies and always studying their books because they find reading interesting. However, some students belonging to Group 1 and 2 student lifestyle tend to be brilliant due to some reasons such as high IQ, photographic memory, etc.

Similarly, the average ones are the ones aiming/aspiring to be brilliant. But they end up having an average in academic endeavor. However, some students with high IQ or photographic memory tend to fall in the average position because of their nonchalant towards studies.

Brilliant Student lifestyle
Average Student lifestyle
Dullard Student lifestyle


Student lifestyle: Sometimes the unserious students influence the serious ones negatively. However, academic success does not guarantee success in life in terms of wealth generation. But it is a stepping stone towards limitless/unlimited wealth!!!.

Kindly comment on which group do you belong to (Group 1 or 2 or 3). Feel free this would be fun!!!

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